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Re: Is javacc DFSG compliant?

This may be a side issue, but could someone explain to me how "you
acknowledge that ____" can fit the DFSG no matter what is acknowledged?
It sounds like the equivalent of "if you distribute this software, you must
pet a cat", only instead of petting a cat, you have to make an
acknowledgement.  Presumably making the acknowledgement has some negative
effect on the user (otherwise nobody would bother demanding one), so you're
demanding the user give up some of his rights.

Consider this hypothetical: I want to use the software in a nuclear power
plant.  My lawyers advise me not to make the acknowledgement, because doing
so might make it harder to later take Sun to court if I have to.  I refuse
to acknowledge that the software is not intended for nuclear plants, but I
copy and use the software anyway.  Am I now in violation of the license?

I know that "you must acknowledge that" doesn't mean you need to mail Sun a
written statement bearing an acknowledgement, but I don't think that makes a
difference.  Would a license "you must acknowledge that Jesus is Lord" be free?
Or a license "you must acknowledge that any damage you might suffer as a
result of using this software is no greater than 99 cents"?  If not, why is
"you must acknowledge <something that might put you at a disadvantage in
court>" free?

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