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Re: GPL "or any greater version"

> Raul Miller wrote [in reply to Michael Poole]:
> > You seem to be claiming that the GPL implicitly allows the constraint
> > "no future versions of the GPL may be used" as if that constraint were
> > written into the license (see section 8 for an explicit example of this
> > kind of language).

On Fri, Aug 27, 2004 at 12:03:09AM +0100, Marco Franzen wrote:
> That is not a constraint on the licence, it *is* the licence.

This would be the case if the license did not include section 9.

> The licence is just what is detailed in a particular version of the 
> licence text. Different versions are different licences.
> Since these licences all have the same name, a licensor would normally
> have to specify the version in addition to the name in order to make
> a meaningful grant (or at least there might be some doubt).


There's a distinction between the grant of license and the possibility
to upgrade to other licenses.


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