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Re: Free Debian logos? [was: Re: GUADEC report]

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Josh Triplett wrote:
>>Nathanael Nerode wrote:
>>>Trademark license:
>>>"You may use this logo or a modified version of it to refer to Debian. 
>>>You may not use this logo, or any confusingly similar logo, to refer to
>>>anything else in a way which might cause confusion with Debian."
>>>Final clarification:
>>>"(If you have a modified version of this logo which is not confusingly
>>>similar to the original, you may use it for any purpose.)"
>>While I understand the purpose of such a license, I don't think works
>>under this license should be allowed in Debian main.  Free works must be
>>usable for any purpose.
> Perhaps I have stated it poorly.  They should be usable for any purpose
> *except* the purpose of causing confusion as to whether something is related
> to Debian or not.  I believe that that is a purpose which does not need to
> be protected and can, and should, be discriminated against.

No, you stated it fine.  A Free logo would be usable unmodified as the
logo for another project or website.  That would probably cause
confusion with Debian, but it is a legitimate use for a Free logo.

- Josh Triplett

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