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Re: Plugins, libraries, licenses and Debian

Arnoud Engelfriet <galactus@stack.nl> writes:

> But anyway, although computer programs definitely are recognized
> as subject to copyright in the EU, they do not fit the definition
> of "derivative work" or "adaptation" very well. There just is no
> guidance in this area. If you translate something, turn a book
> into a play or putting a poem to music, you can just look it up
> in the law. But software just isn't discussed much (other than
> the no-reverse-engineering-unless and one-backup-copy provisions
> and the like).

Exactly my point.  What would the equivalent of dynamic linking be?  A
book that says on the first page: take chapters 3 and 6 from book Foo
and insert after chapter 4 in this book, then read the result.

Måns Rullgård

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