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Re: Plugins, libraries, licenses and Debian

> How then, can someone who tacks on the GPL, because he's seen it
> before, and it's supposed to be a good choice, know exactly what he
> really wants?  I'm not talking about GNU Readline here, I'm talking
> about numerous small projects having nothing to do with the FSF and
> their grand scheme.

Right, this is all about feeling sorry for the poor people who chose
a license which adds restrictions you don't like, so they obviously
didn't really know what they want. I'd feel better off arguing that
the numerous small projects having nothing to do with Berkeley and 
their grand scheme (including X11-like licenses) didn't know what
they really wanted, since they're the ones who aren't getting anything
back from their license. In any case, it's insulting to the many 
intelligent people who carefully thought about the license they wanted
for their program.

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