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Re: RFC: GPL plus securities industry disclaimer suitable for main?

* Florian Weimer (fw@deneb.enyo.de) [031004 09:40]:
> In Germany, a copyright holder cannot grant rights for distribution over
> yet unknown channels.  Even if you allow all kinds of distribution, the
> law essentially makes it "all currently known ways of distributing it".
> Online distribution of copyrighted works is known since 1995 (in the
> legal sense, at least that's the year that is mentioned in all such
> discussions).

Sorry, but that's not totally true. There was substantial distribution
via modem networks before (e.g. Fido). IMHO this is equivalent to
distribution over internet.

> As a German citizen, you cannot release anything into the public domain
> (short of being dead for 70 years).  Some of your rights as an author
60 years for works being published during lifetime.
> are inherently untransferable.
except by Last Will.

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