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Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> writes:

> I have only criticized Debian for one thing, and that is the practice
> of distributing non-free software (programs).  This is something
> Debian has done for many years, not something I imagine it might do.

I don't think you understand the distinction between "what Debian
distributes" and "the Debian distribution".  The latter is a subset of
the former.  Indeed, Debian is undertaking the steps that might well
lead to an end to the non-free section entirely: which would, in my
opinion, make it impossible to have DFSG documents distributed by
Debian at all.  I find it curious that you are now arguing for this

> I expressed some surprise at the idea that Debian might remove
> removable but non-modifiable essays from our manuals.  That is not
> really criticism.  In any case, this possibility was raised by Debian
> developers including you; I did not imagine it, and would not have
> imagined it.

You misunderstood the posts in question, in part because you don't
really grok that when a Debian developer says "DFSG-free" that means
modifiable and removable.  Some have indeed said that removable but
non-modifiable essays would be removed: but precisely because they are
not DFSG-free.  For exactly the same reason that non-free software
also is not part of Debian!

Making the essay removable doesn't solve the problem in those people's
minds, because a removable but non-modifiable essay is just as
non-free as a non-removable one.  But it is a problem that could be
fixed--by removing.

If the essay were removable and modifiable, Debian would happily
distribute it just as it is.

> I don't like being unjustly accused, and that is part of the reason I
> decided to terminate my participation in the discussion of license
> matters.  I will not try to convince Debian any further.

You have, in my opinion, lobbed a lot of accusations.  But perhaps the
solution is to find people who can carry the discussion forward who
are not going to be prickly, but who have a thick skin and can deal
with an unfair accusation by doing something other than saying "I'm
taking my marbles and going home."


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