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    You are criticizing Debian based on things you can imagine we might
    do, and have imagined no end of nasty possibilities.

I have hardly criticized Debian at all in this discussion.  I was
trying to convince Debian developers that they should regard
GFDL-covered manuals as free.

I have only criticized Debian for one thing, and that is the practice
of distributing non-free software (programs).  This is something
Debian has done for many years, not something I imagine it might do.

I expressed some surprise at the idea that Debian might remove
removable but non-modifiable essays from our manuals.  That is not
really criticism.  In any case, this possibility was raised by Debian
developers including you; I did not imagine it, and would not have
imagined it.

I don't like being unjustly accused, and that is part of the reason I
decided to terminate my participation in the discussion of license
matters.  I will not try to convince Debian any further.

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