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Re: Starting to talk

On Tuesday 23 September 2003 09:24, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> PS: Am I the only one with the impression every single thing must be
> repeated to RMS AND yeupou AND Fedor Zuev AND Sergey foobar and any
> other blind GFDL advocate who is told Debian is BAD, because they want
> to drop FREE (it is written free on it, so it is certainly free)
> documentation from the GREAT GNU project ?

No. Judging from those who support it, I'm starting to think that this great 
GNU project (or in this case more specifically the FSF) has lost much of its 
greatness. Which is a shame, since I share the sentiment expressed by other 
folks on this list  that "Open Source" is a terribly inferior term[1] when 
compared to "Free Software".


[1]: Not useless though, since at least IMO it often serves, (or at least may 
serve) as a gentle introduction to the more fundamentally challenging 
concepts like freedom...

Yven Johannes Leist - leist@beldesign.de

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