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Re: Starting to talk

On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 04:25, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> Stephen Ryan <taketwoaspirin@deepthought.dartmouth.edu> writes:
> > No, you're not the only one with that impression.  Personally, I'm ready
> > to killfille ....@gnu.org as a bunch of trolls.  The only reason I
> > haven't is that I think there are some people worth listening to who are
> > part of gnu, but you'd never know it from listening to this bunch.
> Please don't.  Heck, I'm still thomas@gnu.org.  
> RMS does not speak for GNU developers in general; he has conducted no
> poll about these issues among GNU developers and has no ability to
> speak for them.

My apologies; I'm well aware of both your contributions and your stance
on the subject -- it's just that you haven't been using that address to
post to this list.  I haven't actually implemented any such block,
because it's easier and safer for me to just delete posts from known
trolls than it would be to engage in a fingers-in-the-ears exercise for
a whole domain (say, in case you did post from that address).  I am
*hugely* disappointed by the current state of affairs, though, because I
learned to value freedom from RMS' writings, and now I find that he only
cares about freedom for "technical behavior", and all other aspects of
the system can take care of themselves.  
Stephen Ryan                                        Debian Linux 3.0
Technology Coordinator
Center for Educational Outcomes
at Dartmouth College

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