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Re: Starting to talk

Mathieu Roy, 2003-09-22 16:50:18 +0200 :


> In other terms, do we consider the fact that we cannot modify a
> political essay in a documentation so harmful that we would prefer
> stopping delivering this documentation?
> That is indeed the question.

Yes indeed.  And the answer, as far as Debian is concerned, and
despite your best attempts to argue that it isn't clear, is Yes.
Please accept that, it's been discussed to death already.  Every
non-hardware in Debian has to be free, be they source code,
documentation, political essays, pictures for desktop backgrounds,
everything.  Will you please understand that?  Even political essays
deserve to be fixed (for typos) or translated.  They can't be unless
they're freely modifyable.  Thus we want them to be free, or not to be
in Debian.  That's what Debian is about.

> I think personally that it is harmful to do so and harmless to let
> that essays where they are, since they do not interfere with the
> program and documentation usability.

  Then if they're really unrelated to programs and documentation, why
should they belong in Debian?

> What do you think? Saying it's not DFSG-compliant is not an answer.

  Yes it is.  The DFSG are the logical result of the process I (and
various other people) have been trying to make you read and
understand.  It's not *because* of the DFSG that [blah blah blah],
it's because of what we believe in, which is freedom of everything we
include in Debian, and which can be summarized in the set of criteria
that are called the DFSG.

> Apart from MJ Ray, which think that any document should follow the
> Free Software rules, software or not, nobody against the GFDLed text
> inclusion clearly stated his point of view.

  Huh?  Are you operating in write-only mode?  I have stated my point
of view repeatedly, as have other people.

> People are complaining about this discussion being endless. But they
> just have to say what they are thinking good or bad for Debian in
> this case, not just what is their interpretation of a text.

  We're doing precisely that.  Again and again.  Please read what
people post.

Roland Mas

 ar c   t  e l  l  iè    u   ai  i    a   mi    . 
  -- Signatures à collectionner, série n°1, partie 2/3.

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