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Re: There was never a chance of a "GFDL compromise"

    You should probably read the whole thread before replying.

    Prior to this message, I must have read half-a-dozen or more messages

I can't do that.  Those messages probably did not arrive on my machine
until after I sent my message out.

I do mail transfers in batches, usually once or twice a day.  This
means that I send out the messages I have written in the past X hours
or day, and then receive the messages sent to me during that time.
I am always responding to yesterday's mail, not today's.

As a result, it can easily look like I am ignoring the most recent
mail sent to me, when in fact I have not seen it.  This provides
frequent opportunities to lecture me and then rebuke me for "not
paying attention" to all the previous lectures, all because of a
message I sent before any of them arrived.

People here repeatedly take advantage of such opportunities, and this
is another reason why I have decided stop discussing the matter.

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