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Re: [OT] Suing for hot coffee [Was: Re: UnrealIRCd License (Click-Through issue)]

Whoa. Digging around in the archives are we?

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003, Joe Drew wrote:
> Don Armstrong wrote:
>>1: Of course, you do hear about rather rediculous [sic] judgements
>>from time to time. That's because there are quite a few moronic lower
>>court judges out there. Most of those settlements (the Mc-D's coffee
>>one for instance) are often overturned or reduced in the appeals
> Contrary to popular belief, the McDonald's coffee case was not
> frivolous.
> http://www.centerjd.org/free/mythbusters-free/MB_mcdonalds.htm

First off, hot coffee causes 2nd degree burns, not 3rd degree

Secondly, the punitive award by the jury of 2.7 million, or 10 times
the compensatory damages (and 1000 times the actual medical costs) are
a bit large, and were indeed, reduced by the judge to a slightly more
reasonable 3 times the compensatory damages, or 640K.[2]

Finally, while the McD's case, upon further inspection, wasn't
necessarily frivolous, it is indicative of larger judgements that are
often filed against plaintiffs, and then reduced later.

Don Armstrong

1: Assuming that you're not going swiming in the stuff, of course.
2: http://www.cooter-ulen.com/tort_liability.htm
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-- Bruce Sterling, _Distraction_ p122


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