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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

* Anthony DeRobertis (asd@suespammers.org) [030911 01:20]:
> On Monday, Sep 8, 2003, at 16:03 US/Eastern, Joe Moore wrote:
> >Anthony DeRobertis said:
> >>The GPL prohibits us from distributing Debian on orange peels or
> >>probably even punch cards, because that's not "on a medium customarily
> >>used for software interchange."

> >The medium restriction you note refers only to the source code.  We can
> >distribute Debian on orange peels (There's more to Debian than just 
> >source).
> No we can't. We can distribute parts of Debian on orange peels. The 
> DFSG applies to all of Debian, not just the non-source subset.

Yes, we can. We can distribute whole Debian on orange peels. However,
we must _also_ distribute the source codes as "normal software", at
least for some programms in Debian (and also morally for all programms
in Debian, but DFSG doesn't force us per se to give source away).

So, distribution _also_ on orange peels is ok, but not _only_ on
orange peels. The DFSG say that software must allow the "also". The
GFDL disallows the "also". The GPL just forbids the "only".

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