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Re: SUN RPC code is DFSG-free

On Sat, 23 Aug 2003, Anthony Towns wrote:
>> A distributes a program developed by A based on Sun RPC to B. B
>> cannot turn around distribute the program to C unless they repackage
>> it as a product or program developed by B.
> This isn't the case: A may "license or distribute it to anyone [..]
> as part of a product or program developed by [A]", and thus may
> provide a license to all comers, including C.

The fact that A can distribute and provide a license to all comers
isn't the issue. The issue is whether B can legally distribute to C.

A strict reading would seem to preclude this, but if someone can dig
up where the copyright holder said MIT/X11+restriction, that would
indicate that someone goofed in the phrasing and didn't really mean
all of the implications of 'developed by the user.' It definetly
wouldn't be the first time that someone wrote a legal document that
could be read one way when they really meant it to mean something

Don Armstrong

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.     
 -- Robert Heinlein


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