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Suggestion to maintainers of GFDL docs

Consider this a suggestion to maintainers of packages that contain
documentation that are under the GFDL, especially if it contains
invariant sections.  Imagine if an Emacs user visited Info and saw this:

* Menu:

* Distrib::	        How to get the latest Emacs distribution.
* Copying::	        The GNU General Public License gives you permission
			  to redistribute GNU Emacs on certain terms;
			  it also explains that there is no warranty.
* GNU Free Documentation License:: The license for this documentation.
* Why you shouldn't use the GFDL:: Debian doesn't recommend using this license.

And what if this new section listing reasons _not_ to use this license
were made...  invariant!

If the FSF wants to give redistributors a soapbox, perhaps we should use


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