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Re: Bug#183672: PHP-Nuke: copyright report

Mark Rafn wrote:

If the clarification is that it IS a license requirement, or that he
intends to retroactively change the license, it's not distributable at

Unless i remove all GPL modules not from FB and move the packet to non-free. Do you agree?

Perhaps. We'd have to verify (or he'd at least have to assert) that the remaining modules are purely his and contain no GPL code, and probably change the license statement to be consistent everywhere. There may be other steps I'm missing before it could go into non-free.
Ok. Better not discuss this possibility yet, 'cause it has its own line of problems. Let's see how upstream respond.

Also, Debian should not distribute software whose author has given an indication that he intends to retroactively change a license. It's under question whether this is possible, but I don't want to be a test case.
I have heard this in the thread before, but you have to help me with this one. From which part of copyright text you extract that?

BTW, as far as i remember, PHP-Nuke till 6.0 has not included the evil copyright addendum. So, until FB changes retroactively the copyright as you suggest he is thinking about, i suppose previous versions are GPL and DFSG compliant.


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