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Re: Bug#183672: PHP-Nuke: copyright report

There are key points in what you said:
<hec trying to be constructive>

Mark Rafn wrote:

Honestly, unless/until we can get a clarification (e-mail is fine, and it should be included in the distribution) from Mr. Burzi, I'd say this is not ok to distribute at all, even in non-free.
I agree with you. We've got a point in where we need that clarification from Mr. FB.

If the clarification is that that his intent is to make a strong but not legally-binding request (and that his threat to change the license is for future versions, not retroactive to the current version), I'd say PHPNuke is free (and I'd request that you remove the confusing language from the source files, replacing it with a pointer to the clarification).
I agree.

If the clarification is that it IS a license requirement, or that he
intends to retroactively change the license, it's not distributable at

Unless i remove all GPL modules not from FB and move the packet to non-free. Do you agree?

Anyway your precedent mail is a good draft to fordward FB asking for copyright clarification. As he says in README file, he is not usually able to answer all mail he receives about PHP-Nuke, but, been this one an important problem, let's see if he cares about PHP-Nuke distributed in Debian at all.

Looks like a good idea? Anyone likes to complete/modify the draft to FB?

BTW, someone knows FB, or has had some email relations with him? So that, maybe that person has some power to ask FB to prioritize this matter.
</hec trying to be constructive>


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