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Re: PHP-Nuke: A calling for votes

OK. It seems like i won't need a week to get your point of view.
Thankyou very much to all of you who had voted and sent explanations.
They had been very valuable for me.

First of all: phpnuke package _is going to non-free_. I will make a new
dupload in a day or two. 

So now, we can discuss the rest of the matter. But keep in mind the
precedent point, please.

Richard Braakman wrotes:

>  1. The GPL is DFSG-free by definition
>  2. The author is interpreting GPL 2(c) in a legally valid way
>  3. Therefore, the condition is also DFSG-free

That's my point of view. We have judge Mr.F.Burzi and found him guilty.
But he is legally innocent. We have decided this way due to our moral
conception of free software. We already have found a bug on GLP, as
Richard pointed before. So we need a new version of GLP (at least
something positive coming out from this flame). But in the meantime
phpnuke should have the right to stay in main, as it it technically GLP
compilant, we liked or not.


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