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Re: PHP-Nuke: A calling for votes

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 10:15:56AM +0100, hec@debian.org wrote:
> That's my point of view. We have judge Mr.F.Burzi and found him guilty.

I do not believe this is a fair representation of the opinion of
*anyone* on debian-legal.

The license on PHPNuke has been judged as incompatible with the Debian
Free Software Guidelines; therefore PHPNuke as software is not qualified
to be distributed as part of the Debian OS.

> But he is legally innocent. We have decided this way due to our moral
> conception of free software.

These assertions are inapposite and irrelevant.

> We already have found a bug on GLP, as Richard pointed before.

It is true that we have found an ambiguity in it; whether that is a
"bug" in it is a matter of opinion.

> So we need a new version of GLP (at least something positive coming
> out from this flame).

That is not a mandatory consequence of this discussion, though it would
be nice.

> But in the meantime phpnuke should have the right to stay in main,

No; no software has "the right to stay in main".

> as it it technically GLP compilant, we liked or not.

"Technically GPL-compliant" is not a meaningful phrase, or at the very
least you have not provided sufficient context for me to understand what
you mean by it.  A license cannot "comply" with the GNU GPL; only people
can do that.

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