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Re: Help with the Bloom Public License (fwd)

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 08:57:16AM +0100, Jakob Bohm wrote:

> Or how about the Meta-DFSG plus GPL (change to OSD if you do not
> want the DFSG used in this way, see another thread here...).

> This program is free software, you may.... (the usual GPL boilerplate).

> Additionally as an exception to the requirements of the GPL, you may
> link this code to any code whose license complies with the DFSG, as
> it stood on <date> and as interpreted by the debian-legal mailing
> list.  You may distribute the result of the linking, but you
> otherwise remain bound by the GPL and must comply fully with its
> requirements with respect to the portions of the whole which is
> the program.

As a copyright holder, I would never use such a license on my own
software, and I'm *on* debian-legal, so...

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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