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What "new name" means?

It seems, that some licences require, that modified versions of original
work must have new name. For example Design Science Licence is like


"(b) The derivative work is given a new name, so that its name or title
cannot be confused with the Work, or with a version of the Work, in
any way."

According to this thread DSL is DFSG-free licence, but some people
thought, it is impractical to demand new name for modified version:


But what constitutes "new name"?

 * * *

If licence of software requires new name for modified version, is it
really so bad? Just put some stuff to version number of that software to
make clear that it is modified version. Of course, it depends on
licence, how bad situation is. At least I think that according to DSL,
it is enough, if version number of modified work indicates, that it is
modified version. It says "...cannot be confused with the Work, or with
a VERSION of the Work,...".

BTW can you give some examples of licences, that explicitly say, that
whole fscking name must be changed, not just version number? Does such
beasts really exist?

 * * *

If I release some poem called "Ode to Buffer Overflow" under DSL, and
some guy called Joe "Random" Poet creates modified version of it, which
of these names would be acceptable for that modified version?:

- Ode to Buffer Overflow (Joe "Random" Poet Remix)
- Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 1.0-Random-1.0)
- Ode to Buffer Overflow revisited by Random

I think that all of these names would be right according to DSL.
What if my poem has a name "Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 2)"? Which
of these would be right names for modified version

- Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 2) (Joe "Random" Poet Remix)
- Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 2-Random-1.0)
- Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 2) revisited by Random

I think that all of these names would be right according to DSL, too.

What If somebody creates Debian package of my poem? :-) I would not
mind, if modified version had this kind of name:

- Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 1.0-debian-1.0)
- Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 2-debian-1.0)

Also irc-nick or login of Debian developer could be used instead of
"debian". But what if two consecutive maintainers of Debian-package does
modifications? I think it would cause names like these:

- Ode to Buffer Overflow (Version 1.0-branden-1.3-stutz-1.2)
- Ode to Buffer Overflow (version 2-branden-1.3-stutz-1.2)

And that looks ugly.

But I really don't think, that my poetry could have security holes or
Debian policy-violations, so there should not be need for modifications.

 * * *

P.S: I don't subscribe to debian-legal -list, so please Cc: to me. But
there is that Mail-Followup-To: -header.

P.S.2: BTW my poetry (in Finnish) is available here:


Three poems are already available under DSL.

Juhapekka "naula" Tolvanen * * * http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~juhtolv/index.html
"Lämmitä ei laatikot, ei rusinatkaan luumukiisselin. Riisipuuron
jäätyneen nyt verannalta sisään kiikutin. Ja kurkkuun jäänyt mantelikin
viimein irtoaa vaik' parempi kun pysytellyt ois vaan paikallaan." Viikate

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