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Re: Help with the Bloom Public License (fwd)

Sorry to followup to myself, but here is another option:

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 08:38:42AM +0100, Jakob Bohm wrote:
> Mr. Bloom has previously stated (in this thread), that his
> intent is to grant additional rights, such that his library can
> be used in free software which is not under the GPL.  Maybe the
> LGPL can do it, if Mr. Bloom does not consider it too
> permissive.

Or how about the Meta-DFSG plus GPL (change to OSD if you do not
want the DFSG used in this way, see another thread here...).

This program is free software, you may.... (the usual GPL boilerplate).

Additionally as an exception to the requirements of the GPL, you may
link this code to any code whose license complies with the DFSG, as
it stood on <date> and as interpreted by the debian-legal mailing
list.  You may distribute the result of the linking, but you
otherwise remain bound by the GPL and must comply fully with its
requirements with respect to the portions of the whole which is
the program.

This message is hastily written, please ignore any unpleasant wordings,
do not consider it a binding commitment, even if its phrasing may
indicate so. Its contents may be deliberately or accidentally untrue.
Trademarks and other things belong to their owners, if any.

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