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Re: PornView suspected to have stolen lots of code from GImageView

"Oliver M. Bolzer" <oliver@gol.com> writes:

> I think we all remember the controversy around pornview's introduction
> into Debian because of it's name. It's currently in the archieves but
> there are reasons to believe pornview is infringing the copyright
> (and open source ethics) of another image viewer also in our archives.
> GImageView.
> Both softwares are GPL, the fact that Pornview uses a lot of GImageView's code
> verbatim or with modifications per se is not a problem, but Pornview has 
> stripped the original copyright notices and also doing things
> like s/GImageView//g from variable and function names.
> GImageView's author's diary pages lists some of the
> suspicious files and changes (the page is in Japanese)
> http://www.homa.ne.jp/~ashie/diary/?200212b&to=200212122#200212122
> According to this diary, after being confronted, the author of pornview
> stopped providing his development version and CVS access.
> We should pull pornview from the archives until a version is released
> that adresses this issue, either by removing the problematic code or
> until the proper copyright notices are restored.

The pornview author has already made a new release that fixes the
copyright violations and also notified me of this problem with the
version currently in Debian.

Curse my natural showmanship!

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