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PornView suspected to have stolen lots of code from GImageView


I think we all remember the controversy around pornview's introduction
into Debian because of it's name. It's currently in the archieves but
there are reasons to believe pornview is infringing the copyright
(and open source ethics) of another image viewer also in our archives.

Both softwares are GPL, the fact that Pornview uses a lot of GImageView's code
verbatim or with modifications per se is not a problem, but Pornview has 
stripped the original copyright notices and also doing things
like s/GImageView//g from variable and function names.

GImageView's author's diary pages lists some of the
suspicious files and changes (the page is in Japanese)

According to this diary, after being confronted, the author of pornview
stopped providing his development version and CVS access.

We should pull pornview from the archives until a version is released
that adresses this issue, either by removing the problematic code or
until the proper copyright notices are restored.

	Oliver M. Bolzer

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