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Re: Font license recommendation

Sunnanvind Fenderson <sunnanvind@fenderson.com> writes:

> Thanks for pointing this out. Do you know a generic term? Microsoft
> Windows has it's Windings, too...

I think "symbol font" is the only generic around to use; alas, "symbol
font" also includes math fonts and the like, which (in the US) aren't
any more copyrightable than letter glyphs.

> > The precedents in the United States are about fonts for letters.
> I don't know about (but I could be wrong) about any font precedents
> whatsoever in Sweden, so TINLA, but we have copyright for anything
> just as long as it's original enough. It would take much for letters
> to be considered original.

IIRC, it is an odd fluke that the US does not permit copyright of font
glyphs.  So if that's so, it's a curiosity that isn't terribly
relevant to the usual international context of free software.

> I don't know if it can be called a font of letters because they don't
> look like letters at all. Well, they're fictional alien letters, from
> a fictional language that's just like english only with very different
> letters.

Yeah, who knows!? 

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