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Re: Font license recommendation

tb@becket.net (Thomas Bushnell, BSG) writes:

> Sunnanvind Fenderson <sunnanvind@fenderson.com> writes:
> > I think that dingbat fonts, with different symbols or pictures instead
> > of letters, are copyrightable here,

I'm getting tired. I meant to clarify "here in Sweden".

> > and normal ones too, if they're
> > different enough. Like the Futurama "alien" alphabet, that would be
> > copyrightable here, even if it had been a bitmap font.
> Note that "Dingbat" is not a generic actually, but a very specific
> set of glyphs designed by Herman Zaph.

Thanks for pointing this out. Do you know a generic term? Microsoft
Windows has it's Windings, too...

> The precedents in the United States are about fonts for letters.

I don't know about (but I could be wrong) about any font precedents
whatsoever in Sweden, so TINLA, but we have copyright for anything
just as long as it's original enough. It would take much for letters
to be considered original.

> Symbols, dunno.  Bitmaps of the Futurama font, if it's a font of
> letters, are not copyrightable, regardless how clever or different it
> is.

I don't know if it can be called a font of letters because they don't
look like letters at all. Well, they're fictional alien letters, from
a fictional language that's just like english only with very different

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