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teTeX Documentation Licenses

I'm in the process of vetting the documentation files that we're
distributing with the tetex-* packages.  Most are DFSG-free --
under the LPPL (okay with source in tetex-src), GPL, their own
DFSG-compliant license, or in the public domain.

There are about 30 documents (and the stuff they document) whose
licensing status is less clear, and those are the ones that I have
some questions on.  I have included some example
copyright/distribution statements based on those in this
``unknown'' category, and I would appreciate a quick take from
debian-legal habitues on whether they are DFSG-free, and, in
particular, whether we can continue to distribute files with
copyright/distribution statements similar to the examples.

I will be attempting to contact the authors of the files that
aren't DFSG-free to encourage them to clarify the licensing of
their works (probably we'll get LPPL for most, although I'm happy
to mention alternatives).  

In the meantime, should we drop the possibly problematic files
from our packages, or can we continue distributing them on the
basis that we have been distributing them without problems thus
far, and that CTAN continues to include them in their ``free''
section?  (Files that are egregiously non-DFSG-free will, of
course, be dropped.)

8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<- Begin Examples 8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--


Copying of part or all of this file is allowed under the following
conditions only:

   (1) You may freely distribute unchanged copies of the
       file. Please include the documentation when you do so.

   (2) You may modify a renamed copy of the file, but only for
       personal use or use within an organization.

   (3) You may copy fragments from the file, for personal use or
       for distribution, as long as credit is given where credit
       is due.

You are NOT ALLOWED to take money for the distribution or use of
this file or modified versions or fragments thereof, except for a
nominal charge for copying etc.


Copyright (C) 1995 John Doe


Copyright (C) 1988, all rights reserved.


Robert High     8.92 basic additions
Fred Howard     2.93 added cross-referencing and niceties
Kristen Kow    5.93 fixed for LaTeXe2 and onwards. 
Kristen Kow    8.93 fixed for HTML converter, and added AMS tables
                       put material in exciting.sty
Kristen Kow    1.94 fixed for LaTeX2e
Bill Smith      6.00 replaced reference to little.tex by little2e.tex
Original Copyright (C) Joan Dafis and Big School 1989
This is a supplement to:
Exciting LaTeX - Joan Dafis 02/88
               - A B Christopher, MCC CBU August 1989
giving a brief overview of mathematical typesetting using LaTeX
               - R.A. Morton 22/9/89

I reproduce here the copyright notice from Exciting LaTeX, the
same conditions apply to this document.

   Permission is granted to reproduce the document in any way
   providing that it is distributed for free, except for any
   reasonable charges for printing, distribution, staff time, etc.
   Direct commercial exploitation is not permitted.  Extracts may
   be made from this document providing an acknowledgement of the
   original source is maintained.


no statement of any kind


Copyright (C) [1998] by Taylor French.  All rights reserved.  

dtx file also says 

   The usual GNU-style conditions apply: If you change it, you
   take the blame; if you pass it on, pass on all present


This software was written as a personal project and comes with NO
PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  The author assumes no responsibility for any

Copyright (C) 1997 Jane Roe 

DISTRIBUTION: You are not allowed to distribute this file alone.
You are allowed to distribute this file under the condition that
it is distributed together with all the files listed herein.  If
you receive only some of these files from someone, complain!  NO
PERMISSION is granted to produce or to distribute a modified
version of this file or any of the ASCII files listed above under
their original name.


This package is copyright \copyright~1989--1994 Charlie Varrick.
All rights are reserved.  The moral right of the author has been
asserted.  You are {\em not allowed\/} to take money for the
distribution or use of this file except for a nominal charge for
copying, etc.  Redistribution of unchanged files is allowed
provided that the whole package is distributed.


(c) Copyright 1997 Jean-Paul DuBois tous droits reserves.

Si vous desirez, distribuer ce document par FTP ou sur le WEB, ou
placer un pointeur vers ce dernier, merci de m'en informer par
e-mail et de me communiquer l'adresse correspondante.
Redistribution for profit, or in altered content/format prohibited
without permission of the author.  Redistribution via printed book
or CDROM expressly prohibited without consent of the author.  Any
other redistribution must include this copyright notice and

8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<- End Examples 8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--8<--

Thanks for your time and effort,


(Note that I am on debian-legal, at least for the duration of this
discussion, so you don't need to cc: me on messages in this
thread.  Also, I've cc'd debian-tetex-maint, but followups should
go to debian-legal.)

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	    spare time; only by what he does as his work.
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