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Re: teTeX Documentation Licenses (D)

"C.M. Connelly" <cmc@debian.org> writes:

> D.
> Robert High     8.92 basic additions
> Fred Howard     2.93 added cross-referencing and niceties
> Kristen Kow    5.93 fixed for LaTeXe2 and onwards. 
> Kristen Kow    8.93 fixed for HTML converter, and added AMS tables
>                        put material in exciting.sty
> Kristen Kow    1.94 fixed for LaTeX2e
> Bill Smith      6.00 replaced reference to little.tex by little2e.tex
> Original Copyright (C) Joan Dafis and Big School 1989
> This is a supplement to:
> Exciting LaTeX - Joan Dafis 02/88
>                - A B Christopher, MCC CBU August 1989
> giving a brief overview of mathematical typesetting using LaTeX
>                - R.A. Morton 22/9/89
> I reproduce here the copyright notice from Exciting LaTeX, the
> same conditions apply to this document.
>    Permission is granted to reproduce the document in any way
>    providing that it is distributed for free, except for any
>    reasonable charges for printing, distribution, staff time, etc.
>    Direct commercial exploitation is not permitted.  Extracts may
>    be made from this document providing an acknowledgement of the
>    original source is maintained.

We generally don't care about the list of contributors.  We trust that
the upstream maintainers have correctly gotten permission from
contributors to include their changes under the license indicated.
(We can't do any better, unless we insisted on seeing evidence of
valid assignments or signed licenses, such as the FSF usually does.)

The limitation on copying fees mean that these files cannot be in
Debian, but they can be in the non-free archive.

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