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Re: teTeX Documentation Licenses (I)

"C.M. Connelly" <cmc@debian.org> writes:

> I. 
> (c) Copyright 1997 Jean-Paul DuBois tous droits reserves.
> Si vous desirez, distribuer ce document par FTP ou sur le WEB, ou
> placer un pointeur vers ce dernier, merci de m'en informer par
> e-mail et de me communiquer l'adresse correspondante.
> Redistribution for profit, or in altered content/format prohibited
> without permission of the author.  Redistribution via printed book
> or CDROM expressly prohibited without consent of the author.  Any
> other redistribution must include this copyright notice and
> attribution.

The restriction on media and profit distribution means it's not
eligible for Debian.

We can put it in non-free, provided we abide by the prohibition on
modification.  Debian doesn't make printed books or CDROM's of
non-free, so we're fine on that score.

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