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Re: teTeX Documentation Licenses (A)

"C.M. Connelly" <cmc@debian.org> writes:

> A.
> Copying of part or all of this file is allowed under the following
> conditions only:
>    (1) You may freely distribute unchanged copies of the
>        file. Please include the documentation when you do so.
>    (2) You may modify a renamed copy of the file, but only for
>        personal use or use within an organization.
>    (3) You may copy fragments from the file, for personal use or
>        for distribution, as long as credit is given where credit
>        is due.
> You are NOT ALLOWED to take money for the distribution or use of
> this file or modified versions or fragments thereof, except for a
> nominal charge for copying etc.

This license is not free.  The last clause (the NOT ALLOWED one) is
not allowed because it establishes a monetary limit on copying fees.

The modification limitation (2) might prohibit even distribution of

If you don't need to patch the file, then it can certainly be in
non-free.  If you do need to patch the file, then we need to decide
whether we are violating (2) or not.


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