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Re: Cactvs-license

> > However, you said that the author is resposive.  At a minimum, I think
> > that the paragraph
> > 
> > > The tool set can be distributed as part of other non-commercial program
> > > packages, but only in its original, unadapted form.  If anybody is
> > > interested in providing the tools as integrated part of another
> > > package, this must be negotiated.
> > 
> > has to go.  I don't think that special permission for Debian will
> > work.
> A requirement for special permission for Debian is ok in non-free,
> if that special permission has been granted.

Are there packages in non-free that have special permission for
Debian?  Do you know any of their names?  I was worried about some
practical problems, but am willing to be swayed by precedent.

Walter Landry

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