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RE: cthugha (non-free) license

> Cthugha is (still) a non-free package, that i maintain for Debian and 
> want to become the upstream maintainer also, as the oriinal author is 
> not going to develop it any further. I mailed him in february this year 
> and last 5 minutes ago to convince him to provide a last archive with 
> another license. My question is: what keeps cthugha from being free?

The remainder of the source (not already public domain, no explicit 
 author's copyright notice) is Copyright 1995-97 by Harald Deischinger.
 The source code may be copied freely and may be used in other programs 
 under the following conditions: 
  It may not be used in a commercial program without prior permission. 
  Please credit the author (in general, credit Cthugha, Torps 
  Productions and Harald Deischinger) as the source of the code. 

How did you get past the new maintainer process without understanding why the
above makes the program non-free?  Reading on he asks for money if used
commercially.  Then there are the little licenses to read.

If he is moving on, just ask him to public domain it just as the people did
before him.

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