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cthugha (non-free) license

(i'm not subscribed to this list, please Cc me on replies)

Hello, wishing a nice day!

I'm quite new to Debian development and don't know much about the 
workings of this list. But i have some questions at least ;)

Cthugha is (still) a non-free package, that i maintain for Debian and 
want to become the upstream maintainer also, as the oriinal author is 
not going to develop it any further. I mailed him in february this year 
and last 5 minutes ago to convince him to provide a last archive with 
another license. My question is: what keeps cthugha from being free?

As i said, i don't know how you are working here. Before i start to 
cut&paste all the licensing here, i rather wait for somebody to tell me 
so. Cthugha_1.4-1 is in non-free/graphics.

I'm afraid there are several issues - the main license contains 
'commercial use ... send me a postcard', but there are apparently some 
modules from foreign authors containing other licenses.

I'm going through the software during the next days, mostly to make it 
work better, but keep an eye on licenses also. May be some critical 
modules can easily be rewritten, don't know yet. I wanted to aks here 
in parallel already, so things get moving.

Any input welcome, greetings, martin

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