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Re: Why Debian's webpages aren't DFGS-free ?

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 11:55:04PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> are okay. But what about modifiable? Well, translations count, but that's
> pretty limited modification. Why should we allow more?

If one want to modify it, he certainly have a good reason to do it.
Will SPI lawsuit him for it ?

> Arguing that anything else is hypocritical kinda misses the point. We're
> about distributing an operating system, programs, stuff like that. Web
> pages are completely ancillary, and they're already good enough.

Our web pages are informational. They are about our operating system,
and as long as documentation is part of operating system, they are also.

> The counter-argument is to prevent people ripping off our work, or
> something.  For example, some unscrupulous dot-com could take all the
> Debian stuff, setup www.debian.foo.xy in their country, and confuse
> newbies into thinking that they're the official site. And everyone knows
> that Debian would do *anything* to avoid confusing newbies, so this is
> a completely unacceptable situation.
> That said, it'd probably make some sense for us to allow people to make
> arbitrary modifications, presumably with the usual "but actually mention
> that this is a modified thing clearly an' all, y' hear?" clause. I mean,
> piping webpages through
> 	sed 's,http://www.debian.org/,http://localhost/debian/,g'
> probably isn't something we particularly want to restrict, and at least
> the nasty dot-com scenario probably isn't particularly more likely to
> happen if the web pages can be legally copied or not.

So give them a licence :

You may use and distribute this pages, either modified
or not, as long as you preserve this licence, do not
misrepresent modified pages as original and plainly
mark all changes you did.

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