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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

According to John Hasler:
>    (c) must notify Apple and other third parties of how to obtain Your
>        Deployed Modifications [...]
> Postcardware.  Non-free.

For me to explain, I need to understand; you'll need to cite an OSD
provision that this violates.

>        (c) automatically without notice from Apple if You, at any time during the
>        term of this License, commence an action for patent infringement against
>        Apple.
> Thus if I patent a new semiconductor device and Apple tries to rip me off I
> lose my license if I sue them.

Hm, good point.  It's not an OSD violation, but it certainly worth

>      9.1 Infringement.

We've been over this ground before.  The termination clause is not a
problem WRT the OSD.  Only the Affected Original Code is subject to
revocation, not all of the Original Code.  In any case, revocation
isn't mentioned in the OSD.

>      You may not use or otherwise export or re-export the Original Code
>      except as authorized by United States law and the laws of the
>      jurisdiction in which the Original Code was obtained.
> My example stands, as I am not "authorized" to give that printed code to
> Marcus: I am just immune to prosecution for doing so.

If you executed the APSL, that gave you the authority to distribute.
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