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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

According to John Hasler:
> Chip Salzenberg writes:
> > We assumed that the export clause was a no-op, given that Apple is a US
> > corporation.
> Consider this scenario: I print out a piece of "export restricted" APSL
> source code, fly to Germany with it, and give it to Marcus.  According to
> the US courts, I have done nothing illegal.  Yet, if I remember the export
> clause correctly, I have violated my license.

No -- export to *US-embargoed* countries is the issue.  So Marcus is
OK with Apple unless he's in (e.g.) Havana or Baghdad.

> I wrote:
> > I also find it a bit worrisome that you could misjudge such an
> > obviously non-free license.
> Chip Salzenberg writes:
> > Besides, hindsight is 20/20 -- if the export clause is so 'obviously' an
> > OSD violation, why is it only now a subject of public debate?
> I wasn't referring to the export clause.

But the export clause is the only OSD violation in the license, AFAIK.
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