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Re: The APSL and Export Controls

According to Joey Hess:
> I think you're quite right, this is another thing that makes the APSL
> non-free. There's even precedent; IIRC packages have been kicked out of
> debian in the past for having copyrights that explicitly said they couldn't
> be used in embargoed countries.

For those of you who don't kno me:  I'm a member of the board of OSI.

Speaking for myself, not on behalf of OSI: Yes, this part of the APSL
needs to change.  We're working with Apple on APSL mods, and the export
limit provision is already on the agenda.

Unfortunately, Apple _is_ a large corporation; I don't expect to see
changes in the APSL quickly.  It'll take a few months at least before
APSL 1.1 (or 2.0? :-)) is released.
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