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Re: Zope license

Brian Ristuccia <brianr@osiris.978.org> wrote:
> > Note that, to remove this copyright notice, you need to create a
> > derivative work.  Copyright law grants exclusive control of this to the
> > copyright holder.

> Not true. Try "echo quit|gdb|tail -2 > file". You're free to distribute the
> resulting file and you own it. 

Sure -- you are perfectly free to clip off such a notice, if what you're
prodicing is not a derivative work.  Changing gdb itself so that it
doesn't display the notice *is* producing a derivative work -- that was
my point.

> > If Zope wants their editor to always place a copyright notice in
> > editted documents, and they don't want to grant us the right to
> > alter that part of the code, they're within their rights -- but, of
> > course, that would greatly limit the utility of the editor.

> Can't alter the code in Zope, but there's nothing (other than the
> bogus clause in the zope license, which is probably unenforcable
> anyway) that can prevent you from using another tool to remove the
> button from the document.



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