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Re: [sid] lenovo thinkpad x200s discharge battery while on hibernate

Celejar wrote:
> I thought that s2disk, unlike s2ram, really doesn't involve any
> special low-level, device-specific quirks, and should work pretty
> much anywhere.

Unfortunately no.  For example even after working the problem very
hard for a significant time I never got the stock in-kernel swsusp to
function on my HP nc4000 or my older machine before it.  From my
perspective the default in kernel suspend only works on some
architectures and often not the one I have in my hand.  It has worked
on my ThinkPads though.  Suspend2 by Nigel Cunningham has worked
perfectly on a range of systems.  It isn't in the kernel because the
in kernel suspend is maintained by someone who has consistently
blocked it.  This has been the source of long running controversy.  If
you search the web email archives for suspend2 vs swsusp you will find
thousands of postings and arguments about it.

> I have never gotten s2ram to work on my Acer 3690, but s2disk has
> almost always pretty much worked out of the box (except for one
> brief period with a bleeding edge kernel, which may have been caused
> by a problem with a buggy ide driver).  Are there indeed common
> cases where s2disk doesn't work?

Personally I think you have been lucky!


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