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Re: [sid] lenovo thinkpad x200s discharge battery while on hibernate

Dot Deb wrote:
> Some time ago (don't know exactly when) it started this strange
> behaviour of using battery power while on hibernate with AC
> disconnected.
> Today I made a check: 4% in 3 hr.

I suspect that your battery has developed a slow discharge due to
internal shorting.  This is one of the common failure modes of
rechargable batteries.

If it really is hibernated then it should be virtually zero power
(only enough to run the power button).  You can remove the battery.
To test this theory I would either hibernate or shutdown and remove
the battery then test the power level again after an overnight.  If
the power is the same as before then your battery is probably okay and
the fault is elsewhere.  If the power is drained with the battery
removed then you can be fairly certain that the problem is isolated to
the battery.

Hopefully that is it because then you have an easy, if moderatly
expensive, fix and then you are back solidly running again.  It that
isn't it then I have no more ideas.  Good luck!


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