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Re: [sid] lenovo thinkpad x200s discharge battery while on hibernate

Dot Deb wrote:
> I just woke up, re-inserted the battery and switched the computer on:
> the charge is the same as when I switched it off 7hr ago.

Well, at least you know it isn't the battery.

> The problem is the suspend-to-disk method: in my laptop (lenovo
> thinkpad) the "platform" method do both suspend-to-ram and then suspend
> to disk. This is expected to make the resume process more rapid using
> the image written to ram, while preserving those written to swap in case
> of complete battery consumption.

I am curious.  On my ThinkPad T42 when suspend-to-ram is active there
is a little "moon" led lit to indicate that power is being used to
keep the ram alive.  When illuminated it shows the machine as
sleeping, drawing power, and not hibernated.  Does your not have such
an indicator?

> By the way, this doesn't work for me: only resume from swap works
> making this method completely unuseful.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon on laptops to find that one method or
the other is not functional.  Or worse that neither works.

If you haven't yet then browsing the wonderful thinkwiki.org site may
turn up some hints as to your problem.



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