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Re: default hibernate method

Dot Deb wrote:
> Recently I found a problem with the hibernate method on my
> lenovo/thinkpad/x200s.

What method do you use to invoke hiberate?  For example having the
GNOME Desktop running and then using the Power Manager icon by default
in the Notification Area and then selecting the Hibernate action.  Or
do you invoke hibernation using a different method?

> The solution is to use the "shutdown" method instead of the "platform":
> 		echo shutdown > /sys/power/disk
> The problem is that I don't know how to implement it permanently in a
> clean way. I'm forced to place a hook somewhere in the boot process in
> order to set this option.

As with any large collection of software there are many different ways
to do something.  Some ways will be preferred by one person more than
a different method.  A lot of it will be personal preference.  I will
suggest one method but that doesn't mean I wouldn't agree that a
different one is better.  :-)

There is a file /etc/rc.local that is invoked at boot time.  If you
add commands there they will be executed every time the machine is
booted.  That might be the easiest place for you to configure this.


[Note: This became supported in Etch for better compatibility with
other systems that primarily used that feature.]

> I would have expected the existence of some /etc/defaults/pm in which
> setting the default hibernate method.

As far as I know these have not yet been converged into a grand
unified configuration because there are different ways in the kernel
to do it and the default one isn't good for everyone so many need to
patch it.  I don't know if in the upstream one method has clearly one
the battle yet or not.  (I am pulling for suspend2, aka TuxOnIce! :-)
Because there are many different independent systems that may be used
to suspend/hibernate a machine they aren't coordinated.  Each
userspace wrapper has their own configuration process.  GNOME versus
KDE versus systems without X Windows versus other.  But I agree it
would be nice if they were coordinated.


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