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Re: Sound Not working on T61

Hi Franklin,

> I think we agree.

I think so too ;) And I completely agree with your argumentation.
However, I have just a few questions/remarks.

> Some sample bugs that may occur at anytime in Testing, which could be very
> anoying  (Despite the very good job of the Debian-Developper that maintain
> the packages. reminder: they don't always actually developp the program
> themselves):
> - New bug in [your bootloader] prevent my computer from booting.
> - New bug in [xorg] prevent the graphical interface from working.
> - New kernel get installed, but you can't re-compile your
> [wifi|modem|video|network] driver module.

If a new package breaks my system, how can I reinstall the previous one?
Correct me if I'm wrong but I guess this is not possible. Previous
version seems to be removed from repositories as soon as a new release
is uploaded.

> Again, don't get me wrong. The most important is that they _use_ Debian
> (any version).

New Linux users probably install Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSuse. I doubt
they are a lot of newbies using Debian, at least on desktop/laptop. My
first Linux experience (years ago) was Debian. I found it a way to
complicated so I just burnt a RedHat CD. It was a lot easier to
install/use. Then I switched to Fedora. I used Gentoo during many years
(and I'm still using it on servers) and since a few months, I'm back to
the roots :D

> Let's go keep helping (new) users.

And fill bug reports too :D



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