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Multimedia keyboard magic

How to configure multimedia keys in "Debian way"?
I am tired after fighting with hotkeys, hotkeys-setup, x.org and KDE.
Some keys (ACPI) are easy - no user work.
Some others (volume up/down, help) started working after fiddling with
KDE control center and choosing keyboard model. Mine wasn't included,
so I tried some similar models.
Some started working after executing some xmodmap commands (audio* -
play, stop, prev...)
Problem 1: where to put those mappings?  I would like them to be
system-wide, besides ~/.Xmodmap and ~/.xmodmap weren't executed
automatically at logon.
Problem 2: how to configure the others? I'd like to use lock and
suspend/hibernate most, possibly www (launch browser). (External
monitor - not tested). Where should they be? In xorg.conf? Hotkey?
Problem 3: why can't I assign XF86Lock key?
$ xmodmap ~/.xmodmap
xmodmap:  /home/carramba/.xmodmap:6:  bad keysym name 'XF86Lock' in keysym list
xmodmap:  1 error encountered, aborting.
For such line:
keycode 146 = XF86Lock
Problem 4: how can I control what those keys do? I'm satisfied with
volume and audio control, but would like to configure others.

I would like to avoid lineak as another application (IMHO it should be
handled by KDE/X).
Computer: compaq presario f572us.

Best regards,

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