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Re: It's a simple question....

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Justin Hartman wrote:
> In the past few months that I've used Debian I've now successfully
> managed to install unstable on an Apple iBook G4, Apple mac mini (both
> PowerPC) and Intel Celeron PC. I've also installed testing on a server
> that I run which is powered by Intel P4 chips.

These are pretty known and supported... no wonder you had few problems.

> I know that I've read that laptops in general do give quite a few
> problems but in my experience the problems on the HP have been insane.
> Some of the issues I've had include:-
> * Getting Etch operational from a netinstall cd

What image did you used? Could you define a little bit more what
didn't worked?

> * Getting my Belkin PCI card operational (still not 100% correct and
> only connecting at 11mbps instead of the 54 it's capable of)

ndis or native driver?

> * Getting the sound card to work (only started working when I
> installed KDE - go figure)

That sounds like you missed a sound server... I suggest installing
pulseaudio, too. It allows all the different systems play well
together and doesn't have a "only X channels at a time" limit.

> * Preventing Gnome from crashing almost immediately on startup (only
> an upgrade to unstable fixed this)

That sounds like an RC bug. Could you say what messages (if any) you
got? Did failsafe GNOME sessions worked?

> * Various network related issues (lots of trial and error)

please explain/be more specific

> * Not able to print to a SMB network printer (tried everything yet
> still can't get there)

not sure what you tried, so I don't have a starting point for ideas

> So down to the "simple" question. Is this really normal on a PC-based
> Laptop to experience such pitfalls in installing Debian?

No, not *that* many issues.

> PS. I'm not a member of the debian-laptop list yet I thought it might
> prove relevant to members of the laptop mailing list.

reply-to set to -laptop list

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