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Re: It's a simple question....

- Problem with onboard network card is common on laptops.

When the network isn't working properly, maybe not reliable, 
then many more secondary problems will appear.
Like with netinstall, Samba or even the starting gnome session. 
(which might be querying for samba netgroups/computers). 
Just too many linux apps assume a working network connection, 
if they see an interface, and hang with the driver.
Developers just don't like to deal with rare cases, and they know
you won't sue them.

- Problems with soundcard is very common.

It boils down to a weak link causing a whole chain to fail.

> So down to the "simple" question. Is this really normal on a PC-based
> Laptop to experience such pitfalls in installing Debian?

That said, i saw many laptop with with several linux problems 
at once, and not s single one without any. I think that's the price
you have to pay for running free software on 'neoclassical' hardware 
of the especially fast advancing, inhomogenous, patented, and poorly 
standardized sector of 'miniaturized' consumer electronics (compared 
to legacy desktop PCs, which die out anyway). Hard times for linux.
As usual ;)

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