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It's a simple question....

In the past few months that I've used Debian I've now successfully
managed to install unstable on an Apple iBook G4, Apple mac mini (both
PowerPC) and Intel Celeron PC. I've also installed testing on a server
that I run which is powered by Intel P4 chips.

That's now 4 machines without many problems (if any) yet when I
installed testing (and upgraded to unstable) on an HP Compaq nx6110
Intel Celeron M laptop I've been left with endless problems.

I know that I've read that laptops in general do give quite a few
problems but in my experience the problems on the HP have been insane.
Some of the issues I've had include:-

* Getting Etch operational from a netinstall cd
* Getting my Belkin PCI card operational (still not 100% correct and
only connecting at 11mbps instead of the 54 it's capable of)
* Getting the sound card to work (only started working when I
installed KDE - go figure)
* Preventing Gnome from crashing almost immediately on startup (only
an upgrade to unstable fixed this)
* Various network related issues (lots of trial and error)
* Not able to print to a SMB network printer (tried everything yet
still can't get there)

So down to the "simple" question. Is this really normal on a PC-based
Laptop to experience such pitfalls in installing Debian?

To me I can't really fathom that so much can go wrong. The iBook
worked perfectly from the get go yet this laptop seems riddled with

PS. I'm not a member of the debian-laptop list yet I thought it might
prove relevant to members of the laptop mailing list.
Justin Hartman
PGP Key ID: 102CC123

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