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Re: It's a simple question....

Justin Hartman wrote:

> So down to the "simple" question. Is this really normal on a PC-based
> Laptop to experience such pitfalls in installing Debian?

With the IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads, not usually.  With Dell, HP, Acer, etc, yes,
the experience is typical.  This is a result of most laptop vendors not
documenting their hardware properly, or inability or unwillingness to share
the documentation with the people who bought the product or Linux
developers.  Voting with your money is important when it comes to
compatability on Linux.

> To me I can't really fathom that so much can go wrong. The iBook
> worked perfectly from the get go yet this laptop seems riddled with
> problems.

The iBook is a relatively standardized platform compared to the laptop
Lintel world, unfortunately.

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