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Re: sound card problem (no /proc/asound/sndstat)

> All the information that you posted suggests that
> your card is properly
> recognized and should work. How did you test the
> card? The easiest thing
> is to run "speaker-test" from the command line and
> watch for error
> messages.

There is no error message.  But the test did not stop
by itself, so I have to use Ctrl-C to stop it.  Here
is the output.

# speaker-test

speaker-test 1.0.13

Playback device is default
Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 1 channels
Using 16 octaves of pink noise
Rate set to 48000Hz (requested 48000Hz)
Buffer size range from 32 to 32768
Period size range from 16 to 16384
Using max buffer size 32768
Periods = 4
was set period_size = 8192
was set buffer_size = 32768
 0 - Front Left
Time per period = 2.235098
 0 - Front Left
Time per period = 2.969371
 0 - Front Left
Time per period = 2.866998
 0 - Front Left
Time per period = 2.866945
 0 - Front Left
Time per period = 3.071770
 0 - Front Left
Time per period = 2.764601
 0 - Front Left

> If you do not get any error messages but you still
> do not hear any
> sound, then you have to check the volume settings.
> Run "alsamixer" and
> make sure that the channels "Master", "Master M" and
> "PCM" are unmuted
> (no "MM" visible; you can toggle this with the "m"
> key). Try to turn up
> the volume with the cursor keys (left/right to
> select a channel and
> up/down to change its volume) and see if that helps.
> (Press ESC to exit
> alsamixer.)

Yes, the "Master", "Master M" and "PCM" are unmuted. 
But when I use XMMS to play the music, or want to make
Gnome play system sound, there is only elctrical noise
 Is this noise problem associate with Gnome?  Is there
some Gnome tools to configure sound card?  I can find
the network card configuration tools
(Desktop->Administration->Networking), it is easy to
use.  Maybe there is similar tools for sound card.  If
yes, which package I should install? 

By the way, the sound card works well in Windows XP.


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